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tv   [untitled]    February 5, 2013 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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her motto was children first and i think on behalf of all of us who worked with her and all the children from the san francisco school district we want to thank her for her tenure and her work in san francisco. i will close that the following quote with the quote ackerman made when they said i take great satisfaction that knowing that the school system a stronger than when i came in her 5 years ago and my heart will always remain in san francisco. >> that will be from the desire boarder. and supervisor march and will
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declare february 9th as the early education department in san francisco and this reduction has the requisite of finding this reduction. are there any members of the public who wish to address this item? and without observation this is passes. madam clerk if you could call not just the two items but items 10 through 12 >> yes. the board of supervisors has approved to visit on the committee as the whole items 9 through 20.
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and this is dealing with the improvement district as the m o monocon district. this provides for the selection and xhurment of the assessments and then items 10 through 12. item 10 is appropriating 5 hundred and something tickets to expand the project. item 11 is the ordinance that has to do with participation in the principle amount of 500778. million. and this is for the trust agreement.
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constricting the execution of the notes payable and the assessments to further secure the principle. and then the project to be improved the moscone center. >> thank you madam clerk. colleagues ladies and gentlemen the purpose of today's hearing is the establishment of a business improvement district named the moscone and it was adopted of the project. as well as to hear testimony from the management system dated january 29th. the november 20th, 2012, our supervisors voted to expand the
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moscone project. the january 29th clarified the waiting hotels that recently changed ownership. if the ownership was changed the wait for the purposes of this plan should be as reported to the city by the hotel prior to the change. debates are in the file. at the conclusion of today's hearing the tax collector will have the tab levitation and the public can view it in the basement of the city hall. now if there is a protest of the
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snaements the district or if there's a less two-thirds voters. today, we'll hear from all people in favor of these following issues we'll then hear from the people who speak in opposition. during the hearing in any hotel visitor wishes to change their vote or cast their vote they may speak with the staff out the chamber. after the hearing closes you may not change our vote or cast any additional vote. let me first ask if there are any primary comments
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>> thank you. and i know that chair farrell from budget committee would like to speak as well. one item to appropriate 5 hundred and 7 millions $880,000 to the moscone project. and i'm playing this dollar amount with the comptroller. 70 percent of this would be provided by the moscone district fund which we are voting on today and then the finding of the feasibility which is depended upon upon the election we have today. and the moscone would allow
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improvements of which the neighborhood and supervisors are interested in it would have padded he safety in that portion of howard pulling so many. why moscone has a small operating loss the convention does contribute to your offer all fund. it is expect to increase a lot of jobs and under our general fund by neo 17. and that's just some of the direct benefits we are going to
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see. and as other convention sights increase we're not able to track all of the differences. i'm happy to support this today and i'm excited about the changes that will impact your neighbors. it will welcome tourists and particularly seniors. we're happy about the pedestrians safety and underwriters job that our community will have access to >> and thank you president. we here in budget the committee thifd some of the differences.
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it will create over 3 thousand construction jobs and its stemmed to increase over 3 thousand permanent jobs over years. and also i should be net positive this is going to be net positive in terms of the sales and revenue and we're going to be seeing net positive changes for our general fund going forwarding. it's a win, win >> and let me ask if there are any members from the moscone center that point to make any comments. >> good afternoon today is the culmination of a year worth of work and so i know that hotels
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have cast ballot and are here today to represent their views. i want to thank you for your consideration if i have any questions i'm here to answer that >> and that was the lady in the resource department. >> so first if there are any members of the public who wish to speak in sports of the moscone project, each person will have two minutes per person. >> hello i live in district 6 and moscone center and the south market we - if we didn't have
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this center we want to keep in mind that many people needs some type of recreation especially on the second and third when people are kaupth in their neighborhood and s r hotels. when others are parting in our city till 4 or 5 in the morning. we're hoping that the moscone is a multi purpose community promising. as you know people in our district don't have enough to do and they get in proubl. moscone and harvey miles are for human rights and we voted on
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this. i think you should keep in mind we need to have a change of customers to work out this project and i thank moscone center. i worked there for years i want to make sure it's welcome to all citizens of this community. thank you >> thank you next speaker. >> thank you for all the time you spent on this issue. i don't think we can say anything for positive. this is a great benefit for san francisco and we appreciate partnering with you on this project >> thank you next speaker. >> good afternoon supervisors
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my name is kevin and i'm the decorator thought he hotel council for san francisco. we support this moscone project. the big hotels and the small hotels and conferen convention . this is one of the most important income generators. because in the city we have the downtown hotel that fails and when the hotels don't have room we have the moscone center. the hotel council is proud to be
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partnering are the moscone center. we've heard from a lot of the managers from the hotels and we want to thank you for your time already and your help are the expansion district and thank you next speaker >> hello supervisors i'm charley i'm with the operating engineers and i want to start by thanking you all for your service. the engineers represent he over 40 thousand union members across four states. this project has a special
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significant to me. this week i had the pleasure of interviewing candidates from our city program. i'm here advocating for another project here in the city. operating engineers have a letter ofnd with city build we recognize the importance of all the projects here. it puts people to work. we support the local high ordinance and with that i urge you to take the appropriate action to move this project forward. thank you >> thank you.
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next speaker >> good afternoon supervisors i'm david local 3. i concur with my colleague charley on this issue. to find a way to expand the business here in san francisco is very important. i'm very excited to see there are over 3 thousand jobs to be generated in san francisco. i'm happy to see the construction of our construction teams to come in and build this project and with that to make it nice and short. i concur with everybody to move this project forward >> next speaker. >> good afternoon supervisors and good afternoon to your
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staff. i'm randy i'm a operating engineer in local three. i know you've heard all kinds of reasons today and in the meeting before. this project is a good investment in the city of san francisco and a good investment in the people of the city of san francisco and i urge you to move this project forward please. thank you >> thank you. next speaker please and i'm with the local unions in san francisco. on behalf of our local union and all of our members over 4 thousand we urge you to move forward with this project. a lot of our members will benefit not only from the
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construction jobs also the permanent jobs that this job will create. thank you >> are there any other members of the public that wish to speak in sport? any members who wish to speak in opposition? arrest all right. l are there colleagues any concluding remarks >> i want to introduce a no non-substantive amendment. this would go into page 12 i'm online 16. approval of this ordinance by the board shall not be - the city will conduct a review
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following further design and study. under any facilities or grant or entitlements to the trust the city remains the discretionary package. we wish to ever see it go forward or do not outweigh the project. we want to see any adversaries basket or benefits.
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it's just an amendment to say the board is not held to pass or reject it today. and some of the numbers are to be changed as follow >> let me ask are there any other members of the public wishing to speak? no. and supervisor kim has made an amendment to 11 and let's take this to vote. and colleagues why don't we give the department a time to check and count the ballots. so we'll recess until 420 to vote on the special-order and
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then the amendment we just adopt. let's recess until 420 with no objections. (in recess until
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